Family-owned and operated

by the Russell family

The Russell children were raised on lessons from an entrepreneur and successful businessman. Our patriarch’s wisdom and encouragement culminated in the launch of our family business in 2011, RussCorp, a realty investment company and leader in the Houston market. The following companies operate under the RussCorp umbrella:

RussCorp Realty LLC (2011), RussCorp Properties (2011), RussCorp LLC (2012), Houston Buyers Club (DBA 2018), and Autumn Springs RAL (2021).

Our Real Estate investment company, RussCorp LLC was founded in 2011. Together, we have worked in the real estate industry for the last decade with experience in everything from wholesaling, to building, to investing.

Assisted Living has been our focus since 2020. We have been trained by RAL Academy and TORCH, and have partnered with a highly experienced Assisted Living Company in Galveston with over 10 years of experience. RussCorp purchased our first Assisted Living Facility in Galveston, TX in September of 2022.

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Stephen Russell
TORCH & State Certified Assisted Living Manager, RAL Specialist

Business partner of RussCorp since the company’s foundation in 2011, I have many years of experience in real estate investing, building and business. My real estate career began in 2003 while working as vice president of sales and marketing for Creative Switching Designs, a voice recording and high-tech surveillance company.

After retiring in 2005, I focused my efforts on learning the real estate investment business. Through most of 2000-2009 I owned a successful residential and commercial real estate mortgage company, while purchasing and rehabbing single-family homes for the rental market. After the financial collapse, I redirected my efforts to real estate investments and residential properties. RussCorp Companies was formed and put us on the path of real estate investing in the skill sets of wholesaling, rehabbing, new home construction and teaching.

I understand that achieving great success requires a good team. Not everyone can say this, but I am blessed to be able to work with my family, and guarantee that we will always strive for nothing short of exceptional.

Christopher Russell

TORCH & State Certified Assisted Living Manager, RAL Specialist

My grandfather instilled the adventurous mindset of an entrepreneur in me from an early age, teaching me the value of taking calculated risks for the right cause. Reflecting on his own experiences, he shared both his successes and his failures. My grandfather’s valuable wisdom kickstarted my own passion for business, and has shaped my journey ever since.

He taught me about taking calculated risks and the adventurous spirit of an entrepreneur. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but without taking risks there will never be any rewards.

The past decade with RussCorp Properties, LLC has afforded me countless opportunities to learn and grow in the real estate world, developing skills in wholesale, wholetail, landlording, rehabbing, investing and short-sales. Our area of expertise, combined with a shared passion for quality senior care has driven our family-owned business into the world of residential assisted living. With an aging population, and having witnessed first-hand the undesirable care my grandmother received, I know that assisted living is a niche industry with nothing but room to grow. I am excited to work on maximizing the benefits we can offer both residents and investors on the business side.

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Samantha Russell White

Director of Marketing

Many of my formative years were spent at Nana and Pawpaw’s house, and while I learned countless lessons from my Nana, they all boil down to one key sentiment: unconditional love. Nana was a pillar of love at the center of our family, and a sure force to be reckoned with. Love drives every decision I make, and I can’t thank Nana enough for the example she set.

My first job at a Baptist church was intended to be an after school job, but it quickly became apparent that I was meant to spend the next decade in ministry work, transitioning from preschool ministry to full-time church staff in Media and Graphics. After 6 years of digital marketing for the church, an opportunity arose to join the family business. I could not be more thrilled to be able to now spend my days doing what I am good at while caring for others surrounded by people I love.

Seniors are too often treated as an after-thought – pushed into the background and forgotten about. I welcome everyone at Autumn Springs Home Care Communities with a spirit of love and inclusion, and I hope to gain the same type of wisdom from our residents as I did my Nana; the type of wisdom only life experience can bring.

We dedicate autumn springs to

Marjorie Helen Dujay Russell

The Reason we Care

December 24, 1925 – September 26, 2015

Marjorie was a beautifully selfless individual with an exceptionally large heart for family. She was an active housewife, mother and grandmother, and many of her later years were devoted to caring for her husband Paul. As Marjorie’s own health began to deteriorate, we were reluctant to entrust someone else with her care. But we knew our mom was worth nothing short of the best, and that we could no longer provide that without assistance. Unfortunately, despite its high price point, ‘the best’ was sorely lacking. Communication from healthcare workers was practically non-existent, and our beloved mother was ultimately released back to us with gangrenous bedsores. This woman who had spent so much of her life caring for others rapidly declined due to the neglect she received from those we put our trust in. We would not wish this outcome on anyone, and are here to tell you that there is a better way. Residential assisted living can provide a real home with the support of constant, compassionate and personal care. We don’t want your beloved relative to be just another statistic.

We will always be thankful for the gift that was Mom’s life.

She is why we care.

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

— Theodore Roosevelt