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Short stays with Big impact

     When consistently placing their loved one’s needs above their own, family caregivers may suffer with issues like social isolation, stress, and declining health. Respite care service at our Houston residential retirement homes is a type of temporary care that allows family members to take a break from caregiving duties. This service is particularly beneficial for individuals who spend a lot of time caring for a parent or loved one. Respite care is short-term, with stays varying from just a few days up to weeks depending on personal circumstances and needs.

     Respite care can be particularly beneficial for individuals who have been discharged from a rehab or skilled nursing facility, but are not quite ready to return home. A short stay in one of our homes can provide a more comfortable transition between rehabilitation and home.

     The potential benefits of respite care services at our Greater Houston locations are numerous for both seniors and their family caregivers. When a caregiver is burned out or overwhelmed, it may cause tension between them and the loved one they care for. While these feelings can be uncomfortable and lead to guilt on both sides, they’re not uncommon. With regular or intermittent respite care services, selfless family caregivers can take a much-needed break to rest, recharge, and connect with friends and other relatives. In turn, this can allow caregivers to provide better, more patient care for their loved one while improving the overall relationship with their loved one. 

We’re happy to provide this type of short-term care for seniors.

Available at the Following Homes: