Extended care at

Autumn Springs


Maximizing Comfort

     We partner with trusted hospice, palliative, and home health companies to provide the type of care for your loved one that we wish we had for our mom.

      Hospice care is a type of palliative care that aims to improve a person’s comfort and quality of life during their final days, weeks, or months. While similar in nature to palliative care which can be ongoing for extended periods of time (and we can also acomodate), hospice is specifically for individuals who have six months or less to live. When a person chooses to bring in hospice care services at our Galveston or Houston senior care home, medical professionals will no longer attempt to cure or slow the progress of any illnesses they have.

Instead, hospice care will focus on maximizing the person’s comfort and quality of life.

     Hospice care services provide a holistic type of care that can impart effective physical relief from symptoms, as well as spiritual, religious, and emotional support.

     We work with trusted hospice partners, so our residents need not be disrupted with a move to another facility near the end of their life. Everyone deserves to pass peacefully and with the utmost dignity, surrounded by caregivers they trust and family members they love. Therefore, it’s important to our team at Autumn Springs that our cherished residents can remain in the community they know and feel comfortable in while receiving care from a Galveston or Houston based hospice service. Family is at the heart of everything we do at Autumn Springs Senior Living. 

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With the help of our hospice partners and senior citizen caregivers, we are committed to supporting not only our residents, but their family members throughout and beyond the hospice experience.

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