What We Offer

Our Services

Autumn Springs Home Care Communities are proud to offer a range of care options across the Greater Houston area, because we know that every senior and family is unique. From empowering activities of daily living (ADL) support, to respite care offering families a well-deserved break from caregiving responsibilities, we tailor our services to suit each resident’s specific needs. Our homes’ hospice and respite care programs are delivered with the support of trusted healthcare partners, giving residents access to specialist medical care from the comfort of home. And while we do offer multiple types of care to suit a range of needs, the underlying goal is always the same: to empower aging adults, providing high quality care at our residential assisted living homes in the Houston area and treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Activities of Daily Living


Activities of daily living are tasks that must be done each day to stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. This includes activities like getting in and out of bed, preparing meals and moving around the home, as well as personal care tasks like bathing, toileting, and grooming. As a person ages, ADLs often become more difficult or time consuming. We offer 24/7 ADL support to suit each resident’s changing needs.

Hospice Care


Every senior deserves deeply compassionate and dignified care at the end of their life. The right hospice care can bring immense comfort to both seniors and those who love them most. With the help of our trusted hospice partners, our residential assisted living homes coordinate medical, spiritual and emotional care. Our goal is to help seniors feel supported, calm and at peace during their final days, while also supporting their beloved family caregivers during a challenging time.

Respite Care

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No matter how much you love your mom or dad, being solely responsible for the care of an aging relative can be extremely challenging. Family caregivers often find it difficult to juggle the care of a senior loved one with other important aspects of life like work, children and relationships. Respite care can allow family caregivers to find the right balance, safe in the knowledge that their loved one is in capable and trustworthy hands. Respite care can also be a great option as a temporary stay for recuperation after discharge from rehab.

Memory Care

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A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another nuerocognitive condition can be daunting for seniors and family caregivers alike. Our caregivers are highly trained to support seniors with difficult symptoms like memory loss, confusion, and agitation to improve their quality of life. Residential memory care can also relieve family caregivers of the stress of coping with these symptoms, granting them the space to enjoy true quality time with their loved one. 

*only available at select locations

Why Autumn Springs?

Keeping active

An active lifestyle in retirement has been associated with lowered risk of disease, a longer lifespan, and improved cognitive and mental health. Therefore we believe that residential assisted living should open doors to new, exciting and accessible hobbies. We empower seniors to engage in fulfilling activities that nurture their mind, soul, and physical health by offering experiences to our Houston residents like:

  • Daily group activities
  • Field trips and outings
  • Morning streching
  • Arts, crafts and coloring
  • Virtual reality (VR)
  • Gardening and herb planting
  • Sensory activities
  • Music and books created for dementia care
  • Birthday and holiday parties

Training and education

Our management teams and caregivers are highly skilled and expertly trained in their respective roles, with ongoing education. We are proud to go above and beyond the required training and education by providing our staff with the opportunity to hold certifications in the following:

  • State Certified in Caregiving
  • TORCH Management Houston
  • RAL Academy
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Red Cross CPR
  • Red Cross Infectious Disease

What’s more, our impressive 1:5 caregiver to resident ratio means residents can truly benefit from this expertise. With more time to spend supporting each resident, our caregivers can comfortably provide the personalized support they need and deserve.


    Residents have access to 24/7 hands-on care from our trusted caregivers. As a proud family-owned community with personal experience of cold and inadequate senior care, our residents’ health, wellbeing and happiness will always be at the very top of our priority list. Our combination of highly trained and competent caregivers, a great staff to resident ratio and expertly adapted living spaces means residents feel empowered and supported, while family caregivers get the peace of mind they deserve. Our safety measures include:

    • Fully secure external doors and gates
    • Full fire supression system
    • Security camera coverage of all common areas
    • Quarterly fire marshal inspections
    • Monthly fire extinguisher checks
    • Backup generators
    • Four day emergency supply of food
    • Safety buttons upon request